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Photography Services in Europe

At Playinghard.photoart, we care about you and we care about your precious moments. And our professional photographers care about our art and quality photography. From wedding photoshoot, engagement photoshoot, newborn photoshoot, family photoshoot to food photography, we got you covered!

Wedding Photography

Capture all the heart-warming moments in one of your most precious occasion in your lifetime! Recall all the laughter and happy tears of your beloved ones on your wedding day anytime.

Photography Services in Europe

As an Engagement Photographer, I am experienced in couple photoshoot. With over 10 years’ experience in couple photoshoot all over Europe shooting thousands of couples, I know well how to create special and unique scenes for photoshoot at any location. 

Engagement photoshoot / Pre-wedding photoshoot

As a Europe Wedding Photographer, let me share some information that may be useful about taking Engagement Photoshoot here in Europe. To find out more about my work and my unique style, please view my portfolio and the wedding photos I have been honoured to take.

Photography Services in Europe
Engagement photoshoot in Europe

Newborn Photography

The birth of baby is properly the most precious gift you ever have! Babies grow up so fast that they look a little bit different every day. A session of newborn photography will help to capture the most beautiful and purest memory of your newborn baby. 

Photography Services in Europe
Photography Services – Newborn Photography

As a professional and experienced photographer in newborn photography, we understand that safety of babies is the biggest concern. We will always endeavour to make sure that all the lighting, posing and wrapping of babies are as safe and natural as possible that no uncomfortable will be made to the babies.

Kids Styling photography

Photography Services in Europe
Photography Services – Kids Styling photography

Family Photography

When it comes to a special occasion, or just at time you wish to record the happy moments with your family at different stages of life, it is a good idea to plan for a family photo session. 

We capture authentic and unforgettable moments for your family that it may be the most invaluable treasure for your children, or even your posterity hundreds of years afterward. 

Photography Services in Europe
Photography Services in Europe – Kids Styling photography

Personal Modeling Photography

Dress in what you want and take whatever you love, personal modelling photography helps you to present yourself in a professional way.

Photography Services in Europe
Photography Services in Europe – Personal Modelling Photography

 Product / Food Photography

Visual presentation is very important for the sales of products and food. Good photos of products could always increase the desire for purchase of people.  Well-taken food photos could even enhance the appetize of customers. With our professional lighting and the use of props, we know well how you present your product/food in an attractive and unique way.

Photography Services in Europe
Photography Services in Europe – Product / Food Photography

Google 360 Street View Trusted Photographer

As a Google 360 Street View Trusted Photographer, I could help to enhance your Google Maps business profile with street view, make it easier for customers to locate where you are, and show your customers how your business looks like in an easy way.

google trusted photographer in Belgium

Aerial Phoography

We possess professional equipment and technique for aerial photography. Feel free to reach us if you want to know more about our servic

Videography Services

We also provide videography service. Record every second of your important event without missing any part you may wish to recall sometimes later.

Photography from your conferences and events is just as important as good professional portraiture. It shows your business in its element and can be vital for your marketing, social media, and internal purposes.I can travel throughout the EU Please feel free to contact me directly to explain your needs, and I will be happy to send you a quote.


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